Start with your idea...making it a reality is our goal.

Through personal consultation and planning sessions at the computer together, we will help you design cabinets for a functional and efficient cooking space that is inviting and beautiful, and meets your expectations for use. You will see your virtual living space and cabinet layout before construction even begins.

For smaller projects, show us the space and pictures of similar products from magazines or the Internet and we will create. Our years in the business have given us the experience and knowledge to know what cabinet layout works most efficiently without wasting valuable space.

Vision…Imagination…Creativity…all come together with ease, as our good working relationship develops, and our team effort achieves something extraordinary.

Construction Details

D. L. Drury Custom Woodworks has built its reputation on quality products, inside and out, as well as superior service with a desire to ensure that our customers are happy with the final creation. Satisfied return customers have been instrumental in the success and growth of our business.

We specialize in face frame cabinets. We have been innovative in the regional industry in cabinet construction. Simple, improved ideas in construction have forced the competition to step up to our standards. We were one of the first in the region to use computer aided design software, and over the years have created many original designs for crown, fluting and door styles.

For quality control, we continue to build all parts of the products in-house, including crown, doors and drawers.

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